Kilkenny Arts Festival

The 2018 Kilkenny Arts Festival takes place from 10th – 19th August.

About the Festival:

Sonya Kinch takes inspiration from the seas beauty, textures and forms to study the concept of protective safe havens. Shells and molluscs build a protective layer of armour to weather the storm and cocoon their soft fragile flesh.

We too, as humans, have our own way of shielding ourselves when we are vulnerable.


Filament Fibre Artists – Kilkenny Arts Week
Showing at Grennan Mill this August

WITHDRAWING: to go or move back, away, or aside; retire; retreat: Filament Fibre Artists explore this theme in their reflective new exhibition dedicated to the memory of their friend and artist Mary Heffernan. This exhibition offers a time apart from the bustle of life and a contemplative moment to consider our own experiences of change, vulnerability and loss.

Filament founder members are joined by guests Kirsten Hodgons and Sonya Kinch for this new project as each individual artist responds to the theme WITHDRAWING. Forms in clay, felt, wire and paper accompany pinned thread portraits, stitched nuno felt panels and handwritten lists. Each with deep significance and imbedded memory.

Artists showing – Hilary Bell, Kirsten Hodgson, Sheila Jordan, Sonya Kinch, Jean McKenna, Tara Ni Nualláin, Caroline Schofield.